Kitchener, Ontario businesses look for the best value in finishing services and Onbelay Automotive is the established IATF 16949 Certified company that can provide that value. Our high quality production processes include Powder Coating which creates a uniform, attractive finish; E-Coating which can provide exterior durability; and  Automotive part packaging which can protect the custom finish to its final destination.

Powder Coating Excellence

When our Kitchener, Ontario customers choose Powder Coating they expect the superior features of Powder Coating over a wet paint option. We provide the higher durability and greater resistance to chipping, scratching, fading and wearing that is the hallmark of Powder Coating. We take pride in meeting all these requirements with the highest level of professionalism.

Powder Coating Nine Step Pre-treatment

To ensure the required results for Power Coating are obtained, the substrate parts pass through a nine-step pre-treatment  process. After preparation, Electrostatic spray applies positively charged paint powder to negatively charged parts which oven cure until the powder is fused into a smooth attractive coating.

Providing Options for Kitchener, Ontario

Manufacturers in Kitchener, Ontario need options for coating parts of various sizes and  finish thickness.  Our powder coating pre-treatment process can handle both small and large automotive parts and meets the automotive industry specification for under body automotive parts. The powder coating film thickness can be varied for the level of protection against salt spray and corrosion that the part specification demands.

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