We provide cost-effective and timely sub-assembly services for London, Ontario for a wide range of parts. Various sub-assemblies from adding bolts and brackets, to assembling compound parts, are custom manufactured for multiple applications.

We are within easy reach of London, Ontario to enable provision of  sub-assemblies to assembly plants and customers in Ontario, Michigan, Ohio and beyond. We have been supplying assembly solutions worldwide and make our London based customers shine with the quality and performance of our sub-assemblies.

Forty-five thousand square feet dedicated to sub-assemblies

At Onbelay we have the capacity in sub-assembly and warehouse facilities, and highly skilled management and employees, to provide excellent performance and outstanding service that delivers benefits and increased revenue to satisfied customers.

Reliable sub-assemblies assured

Precise coordination of all aspects of our sub-assembly lines ensure that we deliver the timing, quality and quantity that you require. Certification to the TS 16949 quality standard ensures consistency, repeatability and strong continuous improvement initiatives. We have the experienced management and technical team to provide the utmost care and expertise for your sub-assemblies.

Full sub-assemblies line capabilities

You can count on Onbelay Automotive for your sub-assembly needs from execution, to launch, to support and follow-up. Whether your parts are small or large, your volume requirements are high or low, or the component design is simple or high precision, we have the depth of experience necessary to handle it all.  Our clients in London, Ontario have come to know and expect the quality sub-assembly services that we provide.

Get your sub-assemblies started with a call to us at 519.354.6515