Sub-assembly can be a cost-effective and timely means of meeting just-in-time production schedules. Whether it’s adding small bolts and brackets to a painted part or assembling multiple parts, Onbelay Automotive is equipped with the expertise to assist with any sub-assembly needs that you may have.

We provide all of our Sub-Assembly customers with the highest level of professionalism. Using the latest technologies we pride ourselves in delivering detailed, high quality sub-assemblies in a uniform fashion, on time and within budget.

Onbelay’s facility dedicates over 45,000 square feet for sub-assemblies

In addition to our large sub-assembly and warehousing capacity, Onbelay Automotive has a broad and highly skilled employee-base ready to accommodate all of your sub-assembly requirements in Windsor-Essex Ontario.

The importance of a reliable sub-assembly line

All aspects of our automotive sub-assembly from timing to quality to quantity requires precise coordination at all times. Our assembly line conveyor systems deliver materials reliably, while utmost care is given to all parts and functional groups of the line ensuring that our lines operate fault-free at all times.
Sub- Assembly packaging & shipping

We take care of all of your packaging needs and are able to direct ship from our Sub-Assembly facility which is based in Chatham-Kent (near to Windsor, Ontario). Our experienced management team works closely with you to provide custom solutions which support your unique sequencing, sub-assembly and material management requirements.

Discuss your sub-assembly requirements today by calling 519.354.6515