As modern industry provides increasing challenges to manufacturers in Mississauga, Ontario we are dedicated to help by providing sub-assembly services for a variety of manufactured parts. A full service supplier, we custom design our assembly lines for a wide range of applications, adding value to the processing of simple assemblies all the way up to multiple component systems.

Within easy access of manufacturers and customers based in Ontario, Michigan and Ohio, we are well-placed to support Mississauga based clients in providing optimum quality and performance in sub-assembly solutions.

Dedicated 45,000 square feet of sub-assembly space

Onbelay has a broad and highly skilled employee-base, in addition to our large sub-assembly and warehousing capacity, ready to accommodate all of your sub-assembly requirements in Mississauga, Ontario. Our experienced management and technical team provide the utmost care and expertise and support for your sub-assembly process.

Onbelay ensures sub-assembly line reliability

All aspects of our sub-assembly lines deliver the timing, quality and quantity that you require through precise coordination of our processes. Consistency, repeatability and strong continuous improvement initiatives are ensured through TS 16949 certification.

Sub-assembly line capabilities add value

Our Mississauga, Ontario clients have come to rely on Onbelay Automotive for quality sub-assembly and outstanding service. We are proud to provide excellent performance that delivers benefits and increased revenue to satisfied customers. We can develop custom assemblies for a array of components and sizes, to any volume requirement, for anything from two-part to multiple component sub-assemblies.

The key to our success is our ability to lead you through all phases of sub-assembly development. Each step from assembly design and factory layout, to defect-free manufacturing, to on time delivery to assembly plants, without fail, we provide value to our customers.

Reduce costs and increase efficiency of sub-assembly by calling us at 519.354.6515