We are dedicated to helping manufacturers in Southwestern Ontario face the increasing challenges of the manufacturing industry with sub-assembly services for a wide range of parts. We add value through customizing our sub-assembly processes for various applications, from the adding of bolts and brackets to painted parts, to multiple part assemblies.

Our Southwestern Ontario based customers rely on us to extend support into the hub of manufacturing assembly plants and suppliers within Ontario, Michigan, Ohio, and worldwide, to provide optimum quality and performance sub-assembly solutions.

Large sub-assembly and warehouse capacity

Onbelay’s facility dedicates over 45,000 square feet for sub-assemblies and employs a broad and highly skilled employee-base ready to accommodate all of your sub-assembly requirements in Southwestern Ontario.

Reliable sub-assembly is key

All aspects of our sub-assembly process – from timing to quality to quantity – require precise coordination and in exact sequence with near-zero defects at all times. Our assembly line conveyor systems deliver materials consistently, while utmost care is given to all parts and functional equipment, ensuring that our lines operate defect-free at all times.

Through TS 16949 certification we have developed and refined the skills and culture that enable us to design and deploy your sub-assembly processes then run them efficiently, adhering to industry leading levels of quality and on-time delivery.

Core sub-assembly capabilities

At Onbelay Automotive, we proudly serve Southwestern Ontario with the quality sub-assembly that our clients have come to expect. We have the depth of experience necessary to assemble small to large products, low to high volume, through a full range of assembly complexity. We know that excellent performance and outstanding service delivers benefits to satisfied customers, which results in increased revenue.

Our success is based upon on our ability to guide you through the sub-assembly design phase, factory layout consulting, all the way to actual manufacturing, delivering defect-free sub-assemblies to the final assembly plant on time, every time.

Discover the benefits of outsourcing your sub-assembly at 519.354.6515