Dedicated to helping manufacturers in Brantford, Ontario face increasing challenges of the manufacturing industry, we are a full service supplier providing sub-assembly services for a variety of component parts. We add value through custom designing our sub-assembly lines for a multitude of applications, to any volume requirement, by adding small bolts and brackets to a painted part, or assembling multiple parts.

We are well-placed in Chatham-Kent to access of the majority of manufacturers and suppliers based in Ontario, Michigan and Ohio to support Brantford based customers in providing the finest quality and performance of  sub-assembly solutions.

Capacity is no problem with over 45,000 square feet dedicated for sub-assemblies

Onbelay’s large sub-assembly and warehousing capacity, and broad-base and highly skilled employees are ready to accommodate all of your sub-assembly requirements in Brantford, Ontario.

Reliable sub-assembly lines produce reliable parts

Our experienced management and technical team have developed the skills and culture to design and implement Brantford, Ontario sub-assembly lines then run them efficiently, adhering to TS 16949 standards of industry-leading levels for quality and on-time delivery. Precise coordination and exact sequence with zero defects targets are required of all aspects of our sub-assembly systems at all times – from timing to quality to quantity. Our sub-assembly line conveyor systems deliver materials consistently, while greatest care is given to all parts, and maintenance of functional equipment.

Numerous sub-assembly capabilities

At Onbelay Automotive, the key to our success is our ability to lead you through all aspects of sub-assembly development. We provide value to our customers through each step, from sub-assembly design and factory layout, to defect-free manufacturing, to packaging and direct  shipment to customers, on time, every time. Our Brantford, Ontario clients know that they can rely on us for quality sub-assembly and outstanding performance that delivers benefits and increased revenue to happy customers.

Call us to reduce costs and increase efficiency of sub-assembly at 519.354.6515