We are a full service supplier providing solutions to automotive manufacturers in Mississauga, Ontario facing the increasing challenges of the automotive industry. We providing automotive assembly line services for a range of automotive parts and add value through customized design of our assembly lines for a multitude of automotive applications, to any volume requirement. We specialize in engine part assembly and both interior automotive parts and exterior automotive parts assembly.

We are well-placed to support Mississauga based customers in providing the finest quality and performance in  automotive assembly solutions, within easy access of the majority of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)s and Tier 1 suppliers based in Ontario, Michigan and Ohio, and beyond.

Produce reliable parts on our reliable assembly lines

We have developed and refined the skills and culture of our management and technical team to enable us to design and deploy Mississauga, Ontario automotive assembly lines then run them efficiently, adhering to TS 16949 certification requirements. All aspects of our automotive assembly process, from timing to quality to quantity, require precise coordination and exact sequence at all times with zero defect objectives. Utmost care is given to material delivery by our assembly line conveyor systems, and to all in-process and assembled parts and functional equipment.

Add value with core assembly line capabilities

At Onbelay Automotive, we know that excellent performance delivers benefits that our Mississauga, Ontario clients have come to expect from us. We have the expertise to guide you through the assembly line design phase, planning factory layout, testing requirements, and defect-free manufacturing of your automotive assembly, to on time delivery to automotive assembly plants, every time.

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