End use determines the finish characteristics required by Hamilton, Ontario manufacturers. Onbelay Automotive is an established IATF 16949 Certified company that can provide coating versatility to meet functional requirements. When colour and uniformity is important Powder Coating is available, and when high-performance corrosion resistance is needed, E-Coating is the answer, and when a finish needs protection Automotive part packaging can provide it.

Powder Coating Distinction

Powder Coating has performance properties that cannot be achieved with wet paint. It has higher resistance to chipping, scratching, fading and wearing, and can produce greater thickness without running or sagging. We take pride in providing this high quality environmentally friendly option to meet our Hamilton, Ontario customers coating requirements.

Substrate Prep for Best Powder Coating Results

To assure the durability and appearance expected from Powder Coating, we start with a nine step preparation system . After the substrate parts are treated, the parts are given a negative electrostatic charge, and paint powder particles, with a positive electrostatic charge, are sprayed onto the parts. Our curing oven fuses the paint powder into a high quality, durable finish.

Providing Coating Options for Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton, Ontario customers can have both small and large automotive parts that require protection against salt spray and general corrosion. Our powder coating pre-treatment process can handle a wide range of part sizes, and meets the automotive industry specification for under body automotive parts. The powder coating can then be applied to the appropriate thickness to meet the specified performance of the part.

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