When businesses in the Toronto, Ontario and surrounding areas need  finish applications, Onbelay Automotive is the established IATF 16949 Certified company to meet all your finishing needs. We offer Powder Coating and E-Coating, in addition to Automotive part packaging

High Quality Powder Coatings

We provide the highest quality standards through every step of the anti-corrosion protection of E-Coatings, the aesthetic appeal of Powder Coating, and the convenience of Automotive Assembly. We are proud to meet all of your Toronto, Ontario powder coating requirements with the best coating applications available.

Pre-treat Substrate for Superior Powder Coating

To create the best coating results, substrate parts are subject to a nine-step pre-treatment process before Powder Coating begins. The subsequent powder application involves using Electrostatic spray to make positively charged paint powder adhere to negatively charged parts. The coated parts are transferred to our curing oven where the powder is fused into a smooth coating. A high quality, uniform finish results that is resistant to chipping, scratching, fading and wearing.

Serving Toronto, Ontario’s Powder Coating Needs

Our Toronto, Ontario serving production line is capable of processing both small and large automotive parts through our powder coating pre-treatment process which meets the automotive industry specification for under body automotive parts. Film thickness can then be varied to the requirements for the component, to provide utmost protection against salt spray and general corrosion.

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