Many parts produced by Mississauga, Ontario and area manufacturers need further processing in the form of protective finishes. Onbelay Automotive is an established IATF 16949 Certified company that can meet this need with several production processes such as Powder Coating and  E-Coating, and Automotive part packaging, to get your “finished” part to its destination in pristine condition.

Highest Powder Coating Quality

When Powder Coating is selected it’s because of the superior properties to a wet paint option. We employ the highest quality standards to ensure the required thickness, colour and coverage is achieved, and higher resistance to chipping, scratching, fading and wearing is obtained.  We take the same pride in every aspect of our E-Coating, Automotive Assembly and Powder Coating processes to meet your requirements and supply our Mississauga, Ontario customers with the highest quality services available.

Powder Coating Substrate Preparation

Onbelay employs a nine stage substrate preparation system before Powder Coating application begins. After prep, the parts are given a negative electrostatic charge, and paint powder particles, with a positive electrostatic charge, are sprayed onto the parts. The part is then placed in an oven to melt the powder which then flows and  is fused into a smooth coating  that is very hard and has no porosity. The result is an attractive high quality durable powder coated finish.

Serving Mississauga, Ontario Proudly

Our Mississauga, Ontario serving production line can handle a wide range of part sizes and finish thickness requirements. Our system can handle small and large parts, apply pre-treatment that meets the automotive industry standard  for under body parts, and vary powder coating thickness to meet the salt spray and corrosion specifications for each part.

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