Onbelay Automotive is the coating expert to meet all of London, Ontario businesses finishing needs. As an established IATF 16949 Certified company, we can provide the aesthetic appeal of Powder Coating, to the anti-corrosion protection of E-Coating, as well as the convenience of Automotive part packaging.

Superior Quality Powder Coatings

In choosing the coating for your manufactured part  it’s helpful to know that we provide the highest level of superior finishes from the professional long lasting finish of Powder Coating, to the high performance corrosion resistance our E-Coatings. We take pride in supplying our London, Ontario customers with multiple coating and assembly options.

Pre-Powder Coating Treatment

Prior to Powder Coating, substrate parts pass through a nine stage pre-treatment system. Next, a negative Electrostatic charge is applied to the parts, which are then  sprayed with positively charged paint powder particles. In our curing oven the powder fuses into a smooth, high quality, uniform and durable coating that will resist scratching , chipping, and fading.

Proudly Serving London, Ontario’s Powder Coating Needs

Our London, Ontario serving production line can handle a wide range of automotive part sizes through our powder coating pre-treatment process which meets the automotive industry standard for under body automotive parts. We can then vary the powder coating film thickness to the part finish specification, for highest salt spray protection and corrosion resistance.

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