When Kitchener, Ontario manufacturers need a high-quality, low-cost  finish, Onbelay Automotive has the solution in the form of E-Coating. This is one of several processes we provide including Powder Coating, Sub-Assembly and Automotive services.

We offer the highest level of professionalism in every aspect of our Finishing, Assembly and Automotive services available to Kitchener, Ontario, and we’re proud to be a IATF 16949 Certified operation.

Keep Tolerances to Spec with E-Coating – Kitchener, Ontario

There are two primary reasons why Kitchener, Ontario clients choose E-Coating. One is its ability to provide a high-quality, low-cost  finish. Second is the capacity to maintain dimensional conformance even on complex shapes.

E-Coating Classifications

E-Coating is classified by whether the charge applied to the part itself is either anodic (+) or cathodic (-). In either case, the principal that opposites attract uses electrical current to deposit the paint onto the part. An e-coating system applies a charge to a metal part immersed in a bath of oppositely charged paint particles. The paint particles are drawn to the metal part to form a continuous film over every surface. The cathodic method where the part is negatively (-) charged is used by Onbelay for superior performance that performs well on a variety of metal substrates with good corrosion and salt spray resistance.

Standard Steps to E-Coating

The standard steps to the  E-Coating process is divided into 4 distinct zones.

Zone 1- Pretreatment to prepare the part substrate for e-coating

  • Load, Cleaner
  • Water Rinse
  • Rinse Conditioner
  • Phosphate
  • Water Rinse
  • Non-Chrome Sealer
  • Deionized Water

Zone 2 – E-coat Dip Tank is where the coating is applied and the process is controlled

Zone 3 – Post Rinses which provide both quality and conservation:

  • Permeate Rinse 1
  • Permeate Rinse 2
  • Water Rinse 3

Zone 4 –  Bake Oven which receives the parts after post rinses and cures the paint film to assure maximum performance properties.

When this sequence is complete the parts are ready. The completed parts are unloaded and packed for shipment to your Kitchener, Ontario business, or directly to your customer.

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