IATF 16949 Certification establishes Onbelay Automotive as expert in the production processes that Brantford, Ontario businesses need. Whether you require the attractive, high quality finish of Powder Coating, the excellent corrosion resistance  of E-Coating, or the value-added convenience of Automotive part packaging, we’ve got you covered.

Top-Notch Powder Coatings

To supply our Brantford, Ontario customers with the best quality powder coatings we employ the highest level of professionalism in every phase of our E-Coatings, Automotive Assembly and Powder Coating services. We take pride in assuring your powder coating properties: colour, coverage, thickness, corrosion resistance meet your coating specifications.

Optimized Powder Coating with Pre-treatment

We achieve optimal Powder Coating results with a nine stage pre-treatment system to prepare the substrate parts to accept Powder Coating. When preparation is complete, Electrostatic spray applies positively charged powder particles to negatively charged parts. The powder is then fused into a smooth coating within our curing oven. An attractive high quality, uniform and tough finish is the result.

Coating Options for Brantford, Ontario

When Brantford, Ontario manufacturers produce automotive parts of varying sizes and  finish thickness requirements, it’s good to know that our production line can handle both small and large parts and our powder coating pre-treatment process meets the automotive industry specification for under body automotive parts. The final powder coat can be applied at varied film thickness for utmost protection against salt spray and general corrosion.

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