We are proud to offer multiple production processes to Detroit, USA which include expert E-Coating, Powder Coating, Sub Assembly, and final packaging.

Our IATF 16949 Certification ensures that we can offer the highest level of professionalism to Detroit, USA  in every aspect of our E-Coatings, Assembly and Automotive services.

Detroit, USA saves cost with E-Coating

Manufacturers in Detroit, USA know that customers today want high quality and durable finishes that also look good. E-coating is often chosen over other processes for its ability to achieve first-class, economical finishes at a higher level of efficiency and environmental conformity.

How does E-Coating work?

Working on the principle that opposites attract, a Cathodic e-coat system applies an negative electrical charge to the metal part, and a positive electrical charge to the paint. The paint is then attracted to the metal part. Cathodic e-coatings carry very high performance with excellent corrosion resistance.

Our E-Coating Sequence

Onbelay’s E-Coating follows the industry standard sequence:

  1. Load
  2. Cleaner
  3. Water Rinse
  4. Rinse Conditioner
  5. Phosphate
  6. Water Rinse
  7. Non-Chrome Sealer
  8. Deionized Water
  9. E-coat Dip Tank
  10. Permeate Rinse 1
  11. Permeate Rinse 2
  12. Water Rinse 3
  13. Oven bake to cure the E-Coating

Once the E-Coating is complete, we unload and pack the finished parts ready for shipment to your Detroit, USA business, or directly to your customer.

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