First-rate E-coating Finish: Eco-friendly protection from corrosion available to Hamilton, Ontario and vicinity

To obtain a first-rate finish for corrosion resistance that is also environmentally friendly, e-coating is often chosen over typical liquid paint or alternative coatings. E-coating does not contain solvents and uses electrical current to deposit paint onto the surface of parts. The absence of solvents ensures that e-coating does not emit VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) into the production environment, making it healthier for workers. Surrounding exterior locations are also free from out-gassing typical of liquid paint processes.

In an e-coating system there is no overspray and practically zero waste. Paint particles are held in suspension in a water bath until drawn to an electrically charged part. The subsequent rinsing process reclaims excess paint and returns it to the electro-coat bath.

The beauty of e-coating is coverage over complex metal parts of all shapes and sizes, while maintaining the coating thickness specification. This finish can reach inside surfaces, cover creases and bends, and protect weldments and fasteners, to provide corrosion resistance without excess paint thickness forming wrinkles or drips.

Hard-Wearing Powder Coat: Tough corrosion resistant finish that is gentle on the environment for Hamilton, Ontario

A further high quality corrosion resistant finish option is powder coating. It doesn’t use solvents to carry paint then evaporate. This process applies paint through a method known as ESD (electrostatic spray deposition). Fine dry paint particles are electrically charged and sprayed onto grounded parts. When heat is applied in a curing oven the particles fuse and a tough, hard-wearing skin is formed.

Also much more earth friendly than solvent based paints, powder coating is free of unsafe VOC out-gassing. The collection and reusing of excess powder from the application process keeps waste to a minimum. When powder can no longer be used, it’s much easier to package and discard than liquid paint.

The enduring, durable protection of powder coating extends the service life of coated parts over those coated with liquid paint. The finish is thicker and when combined with oven-curing, it becomes resistant to chipping, fading, scratching, and wear. In addition, the uniform thickness of the powder coat membrane develops without the risk of typical liquid paint blemishes such as drips or runs.

Corrosion resistant finish choices for Hamilton, Ontario

There are two superior choices when a product finish must be environmentally friendly and high performing. Powder coating and e-coating both deliver uniformity, excellent corrosion resistance and attractive appearance.

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