Onbelay Automotive is proud to be the E-Coating Service that Hamilton, Ontario manufacturers rely on for a range of production processes. We offer other expert services in addition to E-Coating including Powder Coating, Sub Assembly, and final packaging.

We’re proud to be IATF 16949 Certified and know this designation indicates to our Hamilton, Ontario clients that they can expect the highest standards in every aspect of our Finishing, Assembly and Automotive services.

E-Coating Keeps Tolerances to Spec for Hamilton, Ontario

The choice to use E-Coating for its ability to achieve a high-quality, low-cost  finish is one consideration for Hamilton, Ontario industries. Another equally important advantage is E-Coating’s ability to preserve dimensional integrity so parts will operate as designed.

Electrode position a.k.a E-Coating

The process of Electrodeposition or E-Coating is based upon the principle that opposite electrical charges attract each other. To take advantage of this attraction, electrical current is used to deposit paint onto a part by giving the part an electrical charge, and the paint the opposite electrical charge. When the metal part is immersed in a bath of oppositely charged paint particles the paint is drawn to the metal part to form a continuous film over every surface, in every nook and cranny, until the e-coating reaches the required thickness. We use a Cathodic system to apply a negative (-) electrical charge to the metal part, and a positive (+) electrical charge to the paint to achieve a finish with superior durability to an Anodic process where the part is positively(+) charged.

E-Coating 1..2..3…

How Onbelay’s E-Coatings are processed:

  1. Load
  2. Cleaner
  3. Water Rinse
  4. Rinse Conditioner
  5. Phosphate
  6. Water Rinse
  7. Non-Chrome Sealer
  8. Deionized Water
  9. E-coat Dip Tank
  10. Permeate Rinse 1
  11. Permeate Rinse 2
  12. Water Rinse 3
  13. Oven bake to cure the E-Coating

The finished parts are unloaded and packed once the E-Coating is complete, ready for shipment to your business, or to your customer directly.

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