When Southern, Ontario manufacturers look for expertise in E-Coating, they look to Onbelay Automotive. We offer a range or production processes including E-Coating and Powder Coating finishing, and value-added processes such as Sub Assembly, and final packaging.

Our IATF 16949 Certification ensures that we demonstrate the highest standards to Southern, Ontario in every aspect of our Finishing, Assembly and Automotive services.

E-Coating Maintains Engineered Tolerances for Southern, Ontario

E-coating is a technology used to achieve high-quality, low-cost  finishes with the added benefit of conforming to complex shapes without taking the part out of tolerance, ensuring that Southern, Ontario manufactured parts will maintain function as intended.

Cathodic E-Coating = Negative Parts + Positive Paint

E-coating is based upon the principle that materials with opposite electrical charges attract each other. E-Coating is classified depending on the polarity of the charge applied to the part, as either anodic (+part) or cathodic (- part). Onbelay uses Cathodic E-Coating for its superior performance on a variety of metal substrates with excellent corrosion resistance.

Our E-Coating Process Flow

Our E-Coating Process Flow follows the standard E-Coating sequence as in the order listed: Load, Cleaner, Water Rinse, Rinse Conditioner, Phosphate, Water Rinse, Non-Chrome Sealer, Deionized Water, E-coat Dip Tank, Permeate Rinse 1, Permeate Rinse 2, Water Rinse 3, parts are then baked within our oven to cure the E-Coating. When the E-Coating is complete, we unload and pack the e-coated parts now ready for shipment to your business, or your customer directly.

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