Onbelay Automotive proudly provide several production processes for Windsor Ontario: Powder Coating, E-Coating, Sub Assembly, and final packaging.

We are IATF 16949 Certified operation and offer the highest level of professionalism in every aspect of our E-Coatings, Assembly and Automotive services available to Windsor-Essex, Ontario.

Cost effective E-Coating solutions for Windsor, Ontario.

E-coatings are cost effective when compared to other processes which makes them a very viable solution for the Automotive companies that we serve within Windsor, ON.

How are E-Coatings applied?

Our E-Coating is a ‘Cathodic electro-coat’ which applies a negative electrical charge to metal parts, which as a result attracts positively charged paint particles. Cathodic E-Coatings are high performance coatings with excellent corrosion resistance which are formulated for exterior durability.

Our E-Coating process

A standard E-Coating Process starts with Load, Cleaner, Water Rinse, Rinse Conditioner, Phosphate, Water Rinse, Non-Chrome Sealer, Deionized Water, E-coat Dip Tank, Permeate Rinse 1, Permeate Rinse 2, Water Rinse 3, parts are then baked within our oven to cure the E-Coating. Once the E-Coating is complete, we take care of all of the unloading and then pack the e-coated parts ready for shipment to your business, or your customer directly.

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