We are a full service supplier providing Southern Ontario factory automotive assembly services for a range of auto parts. We customize our assembly lines to adapt to each application and automotive assembly process. This includes the assembling of interior and exterior automotive parts, as well as engine component assembly.

Our Southern Ontario based customers rely on us for the quality and performance of the assembly solutions we provide to many automotive parts manufacturers based in Ontario, Michigan, Ohio, and beyond.

Count on us for reliable assembly

We have developed the skills and culture that enable us to design and deploy automotive assembly, precisely and in exact sequence with near-zero defects. Our assembly line conveyor systems deliver materials reliably, while greatest care is given to all component parts, and all assembly equipment is carefully maintained, ensuring that our lines perform to requirements at all times.

Value-added assembly line capability

Onbelay Automotive is an integral part of supply and cost-efficiency when you need global execution, launch and support for your automotive assembly and test needs. Whether your volume requirements are high or low, your automotive parts are small or large, or the component design is simple or high precision, we have the depth of experience necessary to handle everything from power-train to interiors. Our clients in Southern Ontario have come to expect and trust the quality automotive assembly services that we provide.

Our success is based upon on our ability to guide you start-to-finish through the design phase of the assembly line, consulting on factory layout, to the actual building of the automotive assembly process itself.

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