E-coating Finish for Corrosion Resistance: Excellent eco-friendly protection for Windsor, Ontario and surrounding areas

E-coating is a method of applying a paint finish to metal parts for corrosion resistance. It is preferred over other liquid paint products and coatings because it uses no solvents, but instead uses electrical current to deposit the paint. It makes conditions for workers healthier because it does not release VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) into the production environment, nor into the local atmosphere.

In the process of e-coating, a water bath holds tiny electrically charged paint particles in suspension until an oppositely charged part draws the particles to its surface. Paint is not air born and there is no opportunity for paint to stick to any other object. Rinsing collects excess paint particles and returns them to the e-coat bath, creating nearly zero waste.

Its ability to conform to multifaceted parts makes e-coating a frequent choice for complex parts. It has the capacity to maintain coating thickness specifications without drips or runs, which is critical for providing corrosion resistance to deep recesses and interior surfaces, fasteners and weldments.

Powder Coating Finish: Hard, durable corrosion resistance that is environment friendly, available to Windsor, Ontario and vicinity

Powder coating is another eco-friendly option for corrosion resistance that is both hard and durable. This process does not rely on solvent to carry paint then evaporate. It requires paint to be in fine, dry powder form with an electrical charge, which is then sprayed onto grounded parts. In a curing oven the paint powder melts and flows over the part forming an even protective membrane.

Being free of harmful VOC off-gassing makes powder coating much more earth friendly than liquid paints. Excess powder can be easily collected and returned to the paint process, and disposal of waste powder is much safer and easier than solvent-based liquid disposal.

The useful life of coated parts can be extended by powder coating, which is longer lasting, more durable protection than liquid paints. Powder coated surfaces are more resistant to chipping, scratching, and normal fading and wear. This thicker oven-cured finish creates a consistent surface thickness across the part length with no drips, runs or sags.

Corrosion resistant products provided to Windsor, Ontario

Both powder coating and e-coating deliver uniformity, superior corrosion protection and beautiful appearance while being environmentally friendly finishes.

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