Excellent Eco-friendly Protection: E-coating corrosion resistance for Detroit, USA region

To increase the number of environmentally friendly processes requested by OEMs, Detroit, USA manufacturers use progressively more e-coating finishes over liquid paint products and coatings for corrosion resistance because they use no solvents. In addition, e-coating does not emit VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which makes conditions healthier for workers in the production environment and the surrounding natural environment.

There is almost zero waste in an e-coating system. Electrically charged paint particles are held in suspension in a water bath until deposited onto a part with opposite charge. The paint is deposited only on the part itself and cannot overspray to any near surface. A rinsing process washes off any extra paint from the part and returns it to the water bath.

Preferred for its consistent coverage and reliability, e-coating is often chosen for complex parts with deep recesses, weld marks, bends or creases. It can provide the specified coating thickness to achieve corrosion resistance without paint dripping or sagging.

Tough, Hard-Wearing Powder Coating Finish: Corrosion resistance that is easy on the environment, available to Detroit, USA and area

A further corrosion resistant finish option is powder coating. It’s tough and hard-wearing without using solvents to apply the paint. Electrostatic spray deposition (ESD) is used, where fine dry paint powder is given an electrical charge and sprayed onto a grounded part. The paint is finished in a curing oven where the addition of heat fuses the paint particles together. This eco-friendly method forms a uniform surface coating.

Other properties of  powder coating are the absence of  VOC off-gassing, and ease of disposal. The powder coat process collects excess powder to reuse, and when the powder becomes waste it is easily packaged and discarded.

Powder coating provides longer lasting, more durable protection than liquid paints and can extend the useful life of coated parts. The thicker oven-cured finish can provide higher resistance to scratching, chipping, general damage, and normal fading and wear. The powder coat process creates a consistent coating thickness without sags, runs or drips.

Corrosion resistant finish options for Detroit, USA

Both e-coating and powder coating provide consistency, attractive appearance, and excellent corrosion protection while being earth friendly finishes.

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