Excellence in E-coating: Eco-friendly corrosion resistance for London, Ontario and vicinity

Often selected over other paint products and liquid coatings to make metal parts corrosion resistant, e-coating is preferred because it doesn’t use solvents. Instead it utilizes electrical current to deposit the paint onto the part. An added benefit of e-coating is that it does not emit residual VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). This makes the production environment healthier for workers, and protects the adjacent natural environment.

In addition to other eco-friendly properties, e-coating is a closed system with almost zero waste. Minute charged paint particles are dispersed throughout a water bath until attracted to a part of opposite electrical charge. The paint moves through the water to the part, not through the air or to any other surface. Rinsing washes excess paint from the part and returns it to the e-coat bath for further use.

E-coating is often chosen for its consistent coverage and reliability on multifaceted surfaces. It can maintain specified coating thickness while avoiding drips and runs. It can provide corrosion resistance to interior surfaces, deep recesses, bends, welds and fasteners.

Environment Friendly Powder Coating Finish: Hard, durable corrosion resistance offered to London, Ontario and surrounding areas

An additional eco-friendly finish for corrosion resistance is powder coating. This hard and durable option does not utilize solvents to carry the paint to the part. It relies on electrostatic spray deposition (ESD) to transmit fine dry paint powder that is electrically charged onto a grounded part. Oven curing and heat application allow the paint particles to form a preservative veneer.

Benefits of powder coating over solvent-based paints include easy disposal and absence of unsafe VOC out-gassing. Because residual powder is returned to the application process and reused, the volume of waste is minimized. Waste powder is more easily packaged and eliminated than liquid waste.

The longer lasting, tough protection of powder coating can extend the practical life of coated parts over liquid paints. The oven-cured finish is thicker and resists chipping, scratching, fading, and wear. The powder coat membrane is a uniform thickness without typical blemishes such as wrinkles or drips.

Options in corrosion resistant finishes for London, Ontario

When parts need a corrosion resistant finish it’s good to have environmentally friendly options. The principal characteristics of powder coating and e-coating are uniformity, attractive appearance, and superior protection from corrosion.

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