High Quality E-coating Corrosion Resistance: First-rate eco-friendly corrosion protection for Mississauga, Ontario

E-coating is a high quality choice for corrosion resistance that is also eco-friendly. Unlike standard liquid paint and coating processes, e-coating uses electrical current to deposit paint onto the surface of parts and does not contain solvents. Solvents are the common cause of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and without them the production environment is healthier for workers. The impact on neighbouring atmosphere is also reduced by eliminating the off gassing associated with a liquid paint process.

Added benefits of electrocoating are no overspray and little waste. Suspended in a water bath, electrically charged paint particles move directly from the bath onto an immersed part, with no chance to overspray to any other object. Excess paint is collected during the rinsing process and returned to the water bath, reducing waste by recycling paint.

Performance properties also make e-coating a frequent choice for finishing. It can conform to multifaceted parts while preserving the specified coating thickness. E-coat can deliver corrosion resistance for parts with deep recesses, bends, creases, welds and fasteners, all without unsightly drips or sags.

Tough Powder Coat Corrosion Resistance: Hard-wearing finish, easy on the environment, offered to Mississauga, Ontario and vicinity

Eco-friendly corrosion resistance is also available in another form: powder coating. Solvents are not used to carry and deposit paint in this process, it relies on electrostatic spray deposition (ESD). This involves spraying of electrically charged paint in free flowing, dry powder form onto an electrically grounded part. A tough, durable finish develops in the curing oven where heat melts and fuses the paint particles to form a continuous membrane.

Additional earth friendly benefits of powder coating over solvent-based paints are elimination of unsafe VOC off-gassing, and easy disposal. The collection and reuse of residual powder keeps waste minimal, and containing waste powder is simpler than disposal of liquids.

Powder coating provides a more enduring, durable finish than solvent -based paints, and can extend the service life of coated parts. The denser oven-baked finish can resist scratching, chipping, general damage, fading and wear better than liquid paint. The powder coating membrane has a consistent thickness free of sags, runs or drips.

Choices in corrosion resistant finishes for Mississauga, Ontario

When parts need an environmentally friendly corrosion resistant finish it’s good to have options. The primary benefits of both e-coating and powder coating are consistency, attractive appearance, and superior protection from corrosion.

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