E-coating Corrosion Resistant Finish: Excellent eco-friendly protection available to Southern Ontario

When choosing a corrosion resistant finish for metal parts, Southern Ontario¬† manufacturers use increasingly more e-coating, over conventional liquid paint products and coatings, for its environment friendly properties. E-coating doesn’t use solvents, it uses electrical current to deposit the paint onto components. It also makes the production and local environments healthier by minimizing emissions of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) into the atmosphere.

Another eco-friendly property of e-coating is near zero waste production. Tiny electrically charged paint drops are distributed all through a water bath until a part of opposite electrical charge is immersed in the water. The paint clings to the immersed part and does not travel through air or cover any surface but the part itself. The rinsing process collects excess paint from the part and returns it to the e-coat bath…a closed system.

E-coating has the ability to cover complex part configurations while maintaining the coating thickness necessary for specified corrosion resistance. It offers consistent protection over deep recesses, inside surfaces, weldments, creases and fasteners without paint sags or wrinkles.

Powder Coating Finish: Tough, hard-wearing corrosion resistance, friendly to the environment offered to Southern Ontario

A second eco-friendly option for a corrosion resistant finish is powder coating. This method also doesn’t use solvents to carry paint then evaporate. It uses ESD (electrostatic spray deposition) to spray electrically charged fine dry paint powder onto a grounded part. The addition of heat, in a curing oven, melts and fuses the paint to form a tough, hard wearing coating.

Additional benefits of powder coating over solvent-based paints are absence of unsafe VOC out-gassing, and ease of disposal. Waste is minimized by the collection and reuse of residual powder. When powder is no longer usable it is packaged and discarded much more easily than liquid paint.

Powder coating’s thicker oven-cured finish is longer lasting and more durable than liquid paints and can extend the useful life of coated parts by offering more resistance to chipping, scratching, and common damage. The uniform thickness of a powder coat membrane has no runs, drips or sags and resists common fading and wear.

Corrosion resistant finishes for Southern Ontario

Southern Ontario manufacturers have choices available in corrosion resistant finishes: powder coating and e-coating. Both deliver consistency, superior corrosion protection and beautiful appearance while being environmentally friendly.

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