E-coating Finish: Corrosion resistant and eco-friendly, for Kitchener, Ontario region

An eco-friendly and corrosion resistant finish, e-coating is often chosen over conventional liquid paint and coating products because it does not contain solvents. E-coating uses electrical current to draw paint onto the surface of metal products. Without solvents, e-coating does not emit residual VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) to the atmosphere of the production environment, or surrounding exterior locations.

There is very little paint loss in an e-coating system. With minute paint particles suspended in a water bath until a part is immersed to collect the paint, there is no loss to overspray. Residual paint is then rinsed off of the part and returned to the water bath for continued use, creating almost no waste.

Another property that makes e-coating a frequent choice of manufacturers is the ability to cover complex irregular shapes while maintaining the design specifications for coating thickness. Without developing excess thickness to form paint sags or wrinkles, e-coat provides corrosion resistance by conforming to the surface of deep recesses, and to weldments and fasteners.

Powder-Coating Finish: Tough, durable environment friendly corrosion resistance for Kitchener, Ontario and surrounding areas

Powder coating is an additional eco-friendly corrosion resistant finish, also applied without solvents. It requires ESD (electrostatic spray deposition) to transmit electrically charged paint in fine, dry powder form onto grounded parts. The parts are then oven-cured under heat to fuse into a protective membrane that is both tough and durable.

Absence of harmful VOC off-gassing also makes powder coating much more earth friendly than solvent-based liquid paints. In addition, waste is minimized and easier to handle. Surplus powder can be easily collected and recycled through the paint process, keeping waste low. Waste powder is much safer and easier to discard than solvent-based waste.

Extend the service life of coated parts with stronger, hard-wearing powder coating, over liquid paints. The oven-curing process creates a denser, more uniform coating over the part exterior, without typical blemishes, that resists chipping, scratching, fading and wear better than liquid paint.

Corrosion resistant part finishes for Kitchener, Ontario

When a part finish is required that must be environmentally friendly without sacrificing appearance or performance, there are two choices. Both e-coating and powder coating offer consistency, attractive appearance, and superior corrosion resistance.

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