Eco-friendly Corrosion Resistance: E-coating protective finish for Brantford, Ontario and area

Electocoating is increasingly becoming the choice of Brantford, Ontario manufacturers for eco-friendly corrosion resistance. Unlike typical liquid paint products and coatings, e-coating does not contain solvents, it deposits paint onto part surfaces using electrical current. Since e-coating does not emit residual VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), the production environment is healthier for workers and the exterior environment is not subject to off gassing from the process.

E-coating is the answer to typical problems with solvent based sprayed-on paints. There is no overspray to manage because the paint held in suspension in a water bath and moves directly onto the part itself with no chance of adhering to any other surface. Then the painted part is run through a rinsing process where excess paint is collected and returned to the water bath for further use…practically no waste.

Often preferred for its capacity to consistently cover intricate parts, e-coating can wrap metal parts of all shapes and sizes in corrosion resistance. It can maintaining required coating thickness without drips or runs, while reaching inside surfaces, and covering bends, creases, and fasteners.

Tough, Hard-Wearing Powder Coat Finishing: Corrosion resistance that is environment friendly, available to Brantford, Ontario and vicinity

There is another choice for eco-friendly corrosion resistance. Powder coating is a tough, hard-wearing finish, also applied without solvents. It involves the spraying of fine dry paint powder which is electrically charged and becomes attracted onto grounded parts. A durable finish develops in the curing oven when the application of heat fuses the paint particles together.

Powder coating also has added benefits over solvent-based paints. It produces no unsafe VOC out-gassing, and has waste products that are much easier to handle. Excess powder is collected and returned to the process, and when it is no longer usable it is easily packaged and discarded.

The functional life of coated parts can be extended by applying powder coat. This thicker oven-cured finish is longer lasting, more durable protection than liquid paints and resist chipping, scratching, normal fading, and wear. The powder coating membrane has a consistent finish across the part surface, with no runs or drips.

Corrosion resistant products offered to Brantford, Ontario

Two environmentally friendly finishes that deliver uniformity, superior corrosion protection and beautiful appearance are powder coating and e-coating.

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